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Da Fustra - The Foaming Sea


Come to a ceilidh Shetland style! Da Fustra's vigour & impulse sweep the dancers through an energetic evening of Shetland favourites. From tide-rip tempo to traditional tunes, from swing to surging slow air, here's Da Fustra at full bore!


Introduction; Boston Two-step; Reel 6x32; Veleta Waltz; Boston Two-step; Gay Gordons; Scandinavian Waltz; Boston Two-step; Reel 6x32; When You And I Were Young Maggie; Jig 6x32; Reel 6x32; Quickstep; Britannia Two-step; Reel 6x32; Strip The Willow; St. Bernard's Waltz; Jig 6x32.

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